Expect more out of your HR and Payroll Services.

Manage your people more efficiently with our comprehensive done-for-you human resources and payroll services. Protect them through our benefits management oversight, get them paid on time through our payroll services, and give them the tools and training they need to excel. We’ll keep you compliant with changing wage and labor laws and provide you with thorough, data-driven HR reports. Select HR Services or Payroll Services, or opt for both for a comprehensive approach to managing your business's human capital.

Our HR + payroll services for small businesses and startups include: Our HR consulting professionals can not only grow new employees into their roles and duties, but also facilitate exits and job changes, making sure outgoing employees leave on good terms. Let our payroll management oversight take care of the details of time reporting, taxes/other deductions, direct deposit and more, to ensure your people get paid accurately and on time. From Title IX to the ADA, from minimum wage standards to FMLA, from OSHA to unions, we keep on to

Payroll expertise

Our experts can oversee payroll management to ensure that such tasks as deductions, time reporting, direct deposit and more are handled expertly and efficiently. Your staff members will be paid accurately and in a timely manner every time.

HR and payroll services that work for you

We help fulfill your vision of a comprehensive HR policy manual, allowing you to have a go-to guide that includes onboarding policies, legal details and other HR and payroll services facts so your staff will always know where to turn with questions.

HR consultants manage your onboarding and offboarding

With our HR consultants on hand, you'll have a streamlined process for bringing on new staff members and training them so they succeed. We can also facilitate exits and job changes, ensuring that outgoing employees leave on good terms.

Compliant HR outsourcing

Escalon's HR outsourcing team helps you stay on top of ever-changing compliance regulations so you and your staff members are always protected. We offer a one-and-done solution for helping you stay on top of all policies and rules so you're always on the right side of the law.